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Take Your Relationships from Good to Great

Feeling tired of romantic relationships with no purpose—or looking to put more spark in your long-term love? Pastor Michael Todd draws on the themes of his instant New York Times bestseller Relationship Goals to give you a month of biblically rich “let’s go deeper” challenges designed just for couples.

We’re not talking simple date ideas or tips on what flowers to buy. We’re talking daily Scripture, intentional questions, and victorious outcomes as you get real about seeking God’s goals for you individually and together.

As Michael looks at three key values of romantic relationships—purpose, healing, and oneness—he helps you find answers to questions like:

  • How can we communicate with greater intentionality?
  • How does our relationship affect who we’re becoming as individuals?
  • How are we going to fight well, with our greater purpose in mind?
  • How do we find healing for deep-seated issues?
  • How do our spiritual lives affect our life as a couple?

Take the next thirty days to create new habits that will set you down solidly on the road to meeting your relationship goals. At the end of this month-long challenge, you can look back on the goals you’ve already met and set new ones to look forward to. So get ready to win in relationship…together.

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