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We’re all damaged.

Underneath the designer clothes, makeup, jewelry, and photo filters are cracks left by abuse, mistakes, rejection, and disappointment.

In Damaged but Not Destroyed, Pastor Mike reveals his own damage, the result of hits from trauma, dumb choices, and lingering struggles passed down through generations. Using candid stories, engaging illustrations, and biblical wisdom, he encourages readers to be H.O.T (humble, open, and transparent), face the pain of past impact, and move toward the triumphant future God has for them.

Damaged but Not Destroyed will give you tools to identify the impact of your damage, see yourself the way God sees you, realize that healing is about progression not perfection, and experience His powerful healing.

No matter how badly you've messed up and the pain you’ve experienced, nothing can destroy the God given value of your life. It’s time to turn your damage into destiny! You may be damaged, but you are NOT destroyed. THE VALUE IS STILL IN YOU!

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